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We are professional Light Architects and Lighting Designers working with the artistic medium of light.

We set the scene in architectural lighting projects.

We create mood with our bespoke product designs.


We come from design backgrounds and use light to enhance the public experience of space. Our designs come from the heart, adhering to guidelines where dictated but mostly designed in an individual and meaningful way.

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What are Light Architects?

Light Architects get involved in architectural lighting, daylighting, custom product design and light art installations. We are independent from lighting suppliers so aren't trying to sell you product. For us good lighting is considered rather than product heavy.

We come from creative backgrounds and have found an affiliation with light.

With a cross over between theatrical lighting backgrounds, we are stage setters, bringing atmosphere, serenity or drama to your project.

Dark Arts Approach

Dark Arts use lighting as an artistic medium with a function follows form approach.

For us good lighting is respective of the unique features and feel of each project.

Our approach is integrated and concealed allowing the lighting effect to prevail. Your project doesn't need all those downlights when a carefully placed lamp will do.

We get involved with all aspects of lighting design, including helping  specify the correct decorative lighting, daylighting, lighting controls and we also design custom lighting pieces so your project really can be unique.

What We Can Offer

Our approach is always focussed towards creating a strong conceptual package so you understand visually how the space will look and feel. We back this up with mood boards, sketches and modelling. Our concepts are always considerate of lighting levels and regulations where appropriate.

At the end of a project we come to focus and set up your lighting scenes. This means you get those the final touches that only lighting can create to make your project come to life.

Need More?

Our fees are split into each project phase from the start and presented to you with possible additional services. This means you can manage the project cost earlier and be more flexible if you want more services later.


We never take a cut of the lighting equipment or supply cost, so can always swap to more cost effective specifications. As such our design costs are usually absorbed by lower equipment costs. Our services are 100% independent.


We have built relationships with wholesalers, manufacturers and contractors so we can ensure you are getting the best price for your project, without dealing with unreasonable mark-ups. 

We can perform through life evaluations if required and compare energy consumption, maintenance and through life costs if required to help the initial costs of lighting technology seem more manageable.

Get in touch to see how we can help you on your project.

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