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We are professional Light Architects and Lighting Designers working with the medium of light.

We set the scene in architectural lighting projects.

We create mood with our bespoke product designs.

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what are light architects?

Light architects are qualified designers working with light in a function-follows-form method. Independent from suppliers, their fees come from design services for:

  • architectural lighting design

  • temporary & pop-up type events

  • daylighting design

  • bespoke product design

  • light art & light installations

dark arts approach

For us good lighting is respective of the unique features and feel of each project. There is no standard solution for lighting design.

Our approach is integrated and concealed, allowing the lighting effect to prevail.

You don't need all those downlights when a carefully placed wall light will do.

  • conceptual design package

  • scaled layouts in BIM or CAD

  • full lighting specifications

  • lighting controls integration

  • focussing and scene setting

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