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why use us?

  • Creative input into manipulating your space with light

  • Having a project with layers that change and interact throughout the day and night

  • Impartial product advice without sales bias

  • One stop service for all lighting specifications

  • Flexibility on product choice and pricing

  • Invaluable input into decorative lighting and lamp choices

  • Help with BIM and CAD modelling

  • Custom lighting product development and oversight

  • Creating unique spaces with flare which radiate atmosphere

architectural lighting structure

kick off

We gather information from project managers, clients and design teams. This allows us to understand the scale and scope of the project to allow us to organise our schedule to best serve the project.

We always prefer that the lighting budget is split into facets clearly, such as installation, control systems, lighting fixtures and design services this will help the project to run without hindrance or budget issues.


Early alignment of the architectural and interior design with electric and natural light makes a huge difference.

At concept stage we work closely with the design team, helping to create a lighting strategy and conceptual lighting story. This usually involves creating a lighting concept board/presentation which includes sketches, mood images and visuals so that the philosophy can be integrated with interior and architectural design.

developed design

The concept is developed into a lighting layout, usually in DWG or BIM format. This includes a description of lighting types and a basic schedule showing luminaire types. This is coordinated with the design team to ensure all layers are feasible, located appropriately and included into related the project teams designs. We begin coordination with manufacturers.

detailed design

Once the basic design principles are approved we develop our design by completing lighting calculations, completing full lighting specifications and detailing the lighting into the building fabric and joinery. We assign circuiting and develop lighting controls into a control philosophy. Specifications, samples and basic pricing are coordinated with manufacturers.

Our lighting detailing shows how each unique item is to be integrated into the building.


We have built strong relationships with electrical contractors and suppliers, this allows us to check through project pricing and ensure the best price is offered to the client.


If required we review the design to reduce costs, typically as an ad-on service. Sometimes this includes reviewing lighting specifications and proposing alternative light fittings or rationalising the lighting controls rather than changing the philosophy.

construction & handover

We can provide on-site coordination when required. During the construction process a comprehensive snagging report is provided to allow contractors to remedy issues quickly. Once construction is complete and furniture is in we focus the light fixtures with the contractor and set lighting scenes on the control system with the lighting controls expert.

Lighting designers are often one of the last project members to leave site. We always recommend the photography takes place after we have finished scene setting. This will allow for attractive day time and night time photos.

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